Hey Curious Adventurer!

You are probably wondering how you came to read the about section of an app? Sounds crazy right? Well like every creation there is a passion-crazed team behind it so welcome to Romer! I am Emily Heazlewood the founder behind the app you hopefully love or are about to fall in love with!

Our story all started in 2016 after uncovering some of the most exquisite date ideas from hitting golf balls off a cliff under the stars to helicoptering to a secluded picnic. These creative ideas were nowhere to be found in my hometown of Canterbury, NZ but created by someone instead.

My passion was to collect these exciting new memories and share them for friends to go experience. After countless messages around where to find these experiences and friends asking for their date suggestions, I realised the potential we could have if we ventured beyond just friends and shared our favourite must-do local secrets with other locals.

To this day what was once an idea is now a free app called Romer that help connect thousands of adventurers every week to new adventures.

To this day the most beautiful part of our story is still when we hear from our Romers. Some Romers have discovered the place that they asked their soulmate to marry them, others have shared a single walk and inspired over 1,000 other Romers to get out and do it, one has beaten obesity by doing a new walk every week, others have connected over lunchbreaks by walking with colleges admiring street art and many have shared a single upload which has helped a fellow adventurer experience an unforgettable new memory!

Whether you roam alone, with family or are here to thank us for your superpowered romantic life we wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing Romer, sharing your experiences with the community and helping us every day to create a passionate community of adventures and adventures!

Emily Heazlewood

Founder & CEO


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Life is one big adventure! Collect memories, not things and live a life where every day becomes another chance to discover yourself, the people and the beauty of the experiences around you.
— Emily Heazlewood, Founder

Push play to discover the 100 Romes our founder Emily Heazlewood ticked off for our Melbourne launch.